Site Survey

Our site surveys are about more than just taking measurements, because starting a project on the right foot, helps keep everything smooth and simple down the road.

With any custom graphic installation, the devil is in the details. The most impressive window film or vinyl graphic loses impact if the measurements are off, and even the best installers can’t fix something that was created for the wrong dimensions.

That’s where Wraps Sciences comes in. During each site survey, we take detailed measurements and conduct a thorough evaluation of the space to identify potential problems. Later, your dedicated project manager and the installation team will be able to use this information to prevent errors and delays.

As a part of each survey, we provide all the information you need to get your space ready for the installation, including details about obtaining the necessary permits. Because of the precision of our comprehensive site surveys, we are able to promise that each project will be completed correctly, on time and on budget, regardless of scope.

To learn more about site surveys, contact Wraps Sciences today.