General Questions

How long does the process take?

Vehicle installation normally takes from one to two days, depending on how much vinyl is being applied and the size of the vehicle. We prefer to hold a vehicle for at least 48 hours to complete the installation.

What’d the difference between a partial and full wrap?

Anything less than a full wrap is called a “partial wrap.” A half wrap typically includes the entire rear of the vehicle, halfway up the vehicle, or a hood logo. A three-quarter wrap normally includes the entire rear of the vehicle, most of the way up the vehicle and a hood logo. A full wrap covers the entire surface of the vehicle.

Where does the installation take place?

If you have an indoor location available that fits your vehicle, we can send installers directly to you to complete the installation on-site. If you don’t have an indoor area, we recommend that you bring the vehicle to our convenient location to apply the graphics. A controlled environment is extremely important to quality of the finished product. Wind, rain, extreme temperatures, dirt, etc. can cause problems during the vinyl graphic installation process.

Can I see through window vinyl?

Yes. Window graphics printed on window film are see-through. Window “perf” vinyl is perforated with very small holes that allow for visibility from inside the vehicle. However, for safety reasons, the front windshield and the forward driver and passenger windows should not have vinyl graphics applied to them. The rear windshield and rear windows on passenger- and driver-side doors can typically be covered.

What is the best base color for a vehicle that is going to be wrapped?

Any base color on a vehicle can be wrapped, however, black is preferred. The black color helps hide any areas that don’t match the vinyl graphics. If you have a base color other than black, remember that the designer can modify the design to suit the vehicle color.

Which design type best hides installation flaws such as wrinkles and bubbles?

While Wraps Science takes every precaution to keep installation flaws to a minimum, not all bubbles, wrinkles, or seams can be avoided. A design with plenty of background shapes and colors such as camouflage or textured patterns can help hide these flaws. These backgrounds have a great visual impact while hiding potential defects to the vehicle wrap.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?

Yes. All vehicles should be free of dust, mud, pollen, wax, and any other agents that may affect the installation process. Vehicles scheduled for an install should be washed with normal car soap (no other additives or agents) at least 24 hours prior to the installation date.

Are RV’s and trailers too large to be wrapped?

No, any vehicle no matter its size can be wrapped as long as the surface allows the vinyl to adhere to it.

If my vinyl Vehicle Wrap graphics are damaged (i.e. fender bender), can they be fixed?

If the damage to the vehicle is limited to certain areas of the vehicle, you should not need to redo the entire wrap. Panels or pieces may be replaced after the vehicle is repaired.

Can you wrap anything other than vehicles?

Sure. If the surface to wrap has enough adhesion for the vinyl, a wrap is possible. See our various Services pages for more details, or look through our Project Gallery for ideas.


How long will the wrap stay on the vehicle?

A quality wrap will last between 3 to 5 years on the vehicle depending on the treatment that has been given to it. The life of the wrap depends on many factors, including client preference and weather conditions.

Can I Pressure wash my vehicle after the vinyl is installed?

We do NOT recommend pressure washing a wrapped vehicle, as this may cause separation of the vinyl from the paint.

How do I care for my wrap?

Hand washing with a soft, non-abrasive sponge is best. Avoid high pressure washes and never use an ice scraper on window graphics. There are specially designed products to clean and polish vinyl graphics that Wraps Sciences recommends.

Will a wrap damage my paint?

In most cases, vehicle wraps will not damage factory paint jobs and may actually protect your vehicle’s paint from minor scratches. Paint in poor condition may peel when vinyl is removed.


Can the wrap be removed later?

Absolutely. Vinyl graphics are designed to be removed with no residue. The wrap is stacked to the vehicle using heat and pressure-sensitive adhesives that can be reactivated by our installers. The removal process is relatively quick.
​Removal can be difficult if performed incorrectly. Always have a professional vinyl graphic specialist remove your vinyl wrap, as doing otherwise may result in damage to the vehicle or wall surface.


Wraps Sciences design and/or print graphics?

Wraps Sciences provide print services in-house; we can get your graphics designed and produced for more information on this service, see Graphic Design.

Customer Service

My client or company headquarters is located outside Northern California. Can still work with Wraps Sciences for an install in the SF Bay Area/Northern California Region?

Absolutely. Wraps Sciences routinely works with designers and printers from across the United States, servicing everyone from large corporations to small businesses, to car enthusiasts.

How much with the job cost?

Every vinyl graphic installation project has its own set of variables; material quality, lamination, installation man hours, vehicle design, etc… Partial wraps will help minimize costs if it is a concern.

How can I justify the cost of a vehicle wrap?

If you are using a vehicle wrap as signage, there is no more cost-effective advertising method available. It has been proven that the cost per impression (CPI) of vehicle wraps is less than other forms of advertising such as billboards, television, radio and the Yellow pages. If you are using your vehicle wrap to improve the appearance of your vehicle, digitally printed vehicle wraps simply cannot be duplicated by more traditional methods like paint or airbrushing. By advertising on your vehicle, you can generate more than 600 visual impressions for every mile driven, according to the American Trucking Association.

Can Wrap Sciences wrap a leased vehicle?

Most leased or rented vehicles have factory paint jobs with excellent paint quality, providing an ideal surface for a vinyl graphic wrap. However, customers ought to obtain permission to wrap a leased or rented vehicle. Leased vehicles are often wrapped without incident or damage. Wrap Sciences assumes that any necessary permission to modify the vehicle have been granted upon agreement with the customer.