DI-NOC, Wall & Floor Graphics

DI-NOC architectural finishes help you save money and reduce
waste on large scope projects

This one-of-a-kind film offers sustainable solutions with significant savings. DI-NOC architectural finishes have the flexibility and affordability to transform a room while meeting your budget. You can add DI-NOC to any surface, including walls, columns, tabletops, doors, ceilings. The unique DI-NOC designs offer the warmth of wood grain, sleek feel of metal, cool of natural stone and hundreds of other designs. There are over 700 finishes to choose from, including:

  • Carbon
  • Concrete
  • Fine Wood
  • High Gloss
  • Leather
  • Metallic
  • Rust
  • Sand
  • Silk
  • Solid Color
  • Stone
  • Weave
  • Wood Grain
  • Whiteboard Film